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History & Provenance

We have in inventory: white oak, tulip poplar, chestnut oak, pecan, elm, and white ash from Mount Vernon, Virginia, and white oak from Fort Belvoir, Virginia. These woods are perfect for flooring, feature walls, furniture, and wood art.


MOUNT VERNON WHITE OAK, 240 year old trees – Of this grouping, the best of breed is Mount Vernon’s 240 year old white oak.  When these trees were saplings, George Washington was in his late forties, and more than casually engaged in the fight for America’s freedom. This Mount Vernon white oak is very special. Probably best used for furniture. But flooring made out of this wood will knock your socks off . . . Here are some sawmill photos of the cutting of the Mount Vernon White Oak:

Quarter sawn wood cut from tree in Mount Vernon, Virginia

Quarter sawn wood from Mount Vernon, Virginia

worker cutting off bark of tree worker carrying a freshly cut board of wood worker comparing boards recently cut from the trees worker inspecting cut lines on the wood worker picking up an edged board

MOUNT VERNON TULIP POPLAR, 70 year old trees – were planted to replace the poplar planted in late 18th Century and early 19th Century. Current use has been for bowls. However, we expect to see this wood’s application to start appearing on feature walls. Oh by the way, application will not be clear finish but painted.

MOUNT VERNON WHITE ASH, 125 year old trees – These were saplings during the Spanish American War.

MOUNT VERNON CHESTNUT OAK,   245 year old tree – 250 board feet of chestnut oak from Mount Vernon was salvaged when it fell in 2014. Refer to the book The General in the Garden by Fred W. Smith, Pg. 106/108 for a photograph and paintings of this tree.

What we are short of is CURLY MAPLE. We have used most of these woods for rolling pins, conference tables, credenzas, and decorative furniture. We are out there looking for more now. The hunt will be challenging for old curly maple trees still standing.


WHITE OAK TREES OF FORT BELVOIR: White Oak is sourced mainly from the National Museum of the U.S. Army site located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Fort Belvoir was developed on the historic site of the Belvoir Plantation (once owned by Lord Fairfax in the 18th Century and frequented by George Washington). The white oak trees were planted closely to one another in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. These trees grew vertically towards the skies in search of sunlight. Therefore, creating tree structures with very few limbs. The resulting wood has beautiful uniform grain and no knots, perfect for oak flooring.

Visit us at 1121 King Street Alexandria Va to see this white oak installed as flooring, feature walls, and bulkheads in our store. You will be impressed!


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