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Cost estimates and scope of work for the repair/restoration project can be provided if you send photos (including the dimensions) to us [click to email: [email protected]]. You can decide if you wish to (a) repair, re-finish, and restore, or (b) design & construct a new piece, or (c) build a replica piece of the furniture (e.g. a chair). We provide full services for each of these options.  Work is performed by our master artisan whose craftsmanship is trusted by museums nationwide, and his team.

If you are looking for refinishing work, we are the Best in Class. Scroll down to view photos.

We Chair Repairs. Click Here to view a variety of chairs we have repaired recently.

Currently we are NOT accepting any chair caning projects. 

Our most common requests are: to re-finish and restore antique and heirloom tables, chairs (including upholstery work) and furniture treasured by the families. The quality of our work on a refinished piece is unparalleled and will far exceed your expectations. We want to help preserve the original character of the furniture, restore them to their former glory (like-new condition), yet maintain the aged look (especially for pieces that are 50 years or older).  We understand when our Clients are motivated to restore their furniture, they want to preserve memories of their loved ones and times spent together.  We want the best for our Clients and go out of our way to help them achieve this.  The quality of your restored pieces is very important to us. We want to make sure you receive only the best and you are completely satisfied (even if it cost more for us to do so). This is our guarantee to you. 

Depending on our backlog, repairs or restoration work on the average can be completed in approximately 60 days.

Chair repairs can be completed within 30 days.

Upholstery: If you require only upholstery work on chairs, this can be completed within 2 weeks or earlier.

We currently do not perform work inside your home. We can arrange for your furniture to be picked up and delivered back to you. Alternatively, to save costs, you may wish to bring in the items to our retail store at 1121 King Street, Alexandria, Va. Please email [email protected] to make an appointment.

Currently, we are not accepting any painting, caning, bed, or sofa repair projects.

We are also unable to accept a bulk-size furniture to work on a small repair.

Typical Scope of Work

Re-finishing a piece of furniture: We generally prefer to re-finish the whole table top, the whole chair, or other furniture (desk, dresser, cabinet, chest of drawers, etc.) rather than work on spot repairs. With re-finishing, your pieces will be fully restored to a like brand-new condition/when it was originally made. If you own a period piece, we can appropriately aged it and at the same time show you have given it loving care over the years.  You can expect the new finishes to match the original color used on the furniture. Re-finishing work can last a lifetime if handled with proper care.

Table Repairs

Character of the table: If desired by the Client, we make sure the character of the table remains intact. By character, we mean preserving all the signs of unique use such as dents, scratches, rubbed elements, chips, puppy bites, etc. We will work with Client to achieve desired results. For the table top, we can remove any unsightly stains, dents, scratches, cigar burns, grime, old polishes, and signs of wear and tear while retaining the top’s original look.

Ensure Structural Integrity of table: We will assess the table’s underpinning structure and perform work, if necessary, to ensure all components are in good working order and are furnishing adequate support to the table. We will ensure all hardware and leaf receiving mechanism are in good condition.

Duncan Phyfe Style Pedestal Table Leg Repairs: This is another common request. Click here to see BEFORE photos.

Duncan Phyfe Style Pedestal Leg repairs Duncan Phyfe Style Pedestal Leg repairs


Chair Repairs

Common requests: Most of the time, structural joints of the chair require tightening; Re-attaching a broken leg; Even if you bring a chair that has broken into pieces, we can put it back together (replace broken dowels, re-glue, replace missing wood).

To save costs, you may wish to bring in the chair/(s) to our retail store at 1121 King St, Alexandria, Va. To be sure we are present when you arrive, please email [email protected] to make an appointment before dropping by. Due to our backlog, chair repairs may take 30 – 60 days to complete. We are unable to make any repairs in our King St store.

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Furniture Repairs/Restoration

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       Philip Webb Desk Restoration

Philip Webb Desk - Fully Restored

Philip Webb Desk - Fully Restored

Our Client desires to refinish and restore this Philip Webb Arts & Crafts oak writing desk, circa 1890. We installed a new leather embossed with gold edge for the writing surface. The refinishing work shows an impeccable level of master craftsmanship. The refinishing work brought out the beautiful oak grains and you can see how rich the finishes are, bringing this desk to its original glory. Read More.

       17th Century Spanish Walnut Table Restoration

17th Century Spanish Walnut Desk - Fully Restored

Our Client desires to refinish and restore the surface of his desk, a period piece dating back to the 1600s. For the top, our Client would like to retain the 17th century character of the desk and make it look like the piece has been well-taken care of over the years. Our Client is not seeking perfection. He wants to remove any old polishes and/or finishes to reveal the beauty of the wood, grains, knots, etc. The new finishes will match the original color used on the desk and while reflecting wear since the mid 17th Century. Read More.

      Antique English Mahogany Table & Chippendale Chairs

Scope of work performed: Refinished & restored English Antique Mahogany table which includes removal of silicone-based polishes used through time, dents, deep scratches,and 2 serious burn marks. Beautiful . Read More.

                              90 year old Heirloom Dresser

A beautiful & meaningful gift from a father to a son.

Scope of Work: Repair, refinish, and restore the Client’s dresser. This activity included replacement of missing parts whether they be wood or metal. Any moving elements of the dresser such as drawer guides, etc. will be placed into properly working condition. The existing framework and facia will be brought back to near new condition. This will include the patina that a 90-year-old furniture piece should have. All structural elements will be inspected and made good.  Click here to see Before Photo.

                                          Antique Oak Table

Project: Re-constituting the Structural Integrity & Finishes of an Antique Oak Table
Assessment: a previous repair drove nails through the tops of the table legs into the tenons. This action will weaken the legs and cause them to break. Read More.

                              Hand-made Milk Paints

We refinished this Duncan Phyfe style table and bench. Our Client chose dark mahogany stain on the table top. On the base of the table and bench, we used hand-made milk paints to add a grey/white pull back to reveal a very subtle distressed look and showing bare wood in some areas.

     The Round Chair from 1949 by Hans Wegner
This project to re-finish and restore a pair of Hans Wegner chairs brought out the natural grains in the wood, which shows through the new finishes. The newly upholstered chairs were brought back to its former glory.

Hans Wegner Chair - Before Restoration

Hans Wegner Chair - After Restoration

                  Willard Hotel Mid 19th Century Barrel Chair
Mid 19th century barrel chair that had graced the lobby of the famous Willard Hotel when President Ulysses Grant used to smoke cigars in that space.

Condition of Chair: Broken at the top rail. Leg connection to the frame was separated from the basic chair. There was a severe break at the back of the frame near the splat leaving the chair at two distinct pieces that had to be put back together in a single piece.

Now, this chair has been restored and newly upholstered.

Willard Hotel Barrel Chair
Barrel Chair Repair
Willard Hotel Barrel Chair
Upholstered Barrel Chair
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