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Table Repair: Re-constituting the Structural Integrity & Finishes of an Oak Table

Project: Re-constituting the Structural Integrity & Finishes of an Oak Table

Assessment: a previous repair drove nails through the tops of the table legs into the tenons. This action will weaken the legs and cause them to break.

Scope of work performed: To remedy this, we removed all the nails and broken pieces and filled the cavities with epoxy to seal the cracks where the legs had broken. After that, we cured the table, still held in clamps, drilled and pinned all the tenons to keep them from breaking loose again. After the pins were in, we aged the new wood to match the rest of the table. We also greased the screw mechanism (which allows the table to receive leaves) and lubricated the  wooden guides the table runs on when it opens and closes. The table top was stripped and refinished and aged to match the base. The table now has a durable urethane topcoat.


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