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Chippendale Chairs & Antique English Mahogany Table Restoration

Project: Re-finish & Restore Antique English Mahogany Table & Chippendale Chairs

Below is a photo of the table after initial stripping. All the lines you see are areas where the finished was scratched and a silicone based furniture polish had penetrated the finish and soaked into the wood. The only way to get these out is by using heat and methylene chloride. The process is slow but works well. If all of the little lines are not removed, the new finish will not stick or level properly.

Client mahogany table top after initial stripping


As a point of reference, this is how a piece of nicely stripped mahogany should look:

how nice stripped mahogany should look like

Scope of work performed: Refinished & restored English Antique Mahogany table which includes removal of silicone-based polishes used through time, dents, deep scratches,and 2 serious burn marks. Beautiful .

Refinished Mahogany Table


Chippendale Chair Restoration: Tightening of structural joints.

Here is the process we use to add the chair support brackets while preserving the original aged look.


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